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Sandeep is the creative mind and backbone of ATS Financial Services. As a financial advisor for over 25 years he has made it his goal to help families plan for their futures. With comprehensive knowledge of diverse and sophisticated investment vehicles, he specializes in working with clients and a team of advisors to implement advanced strategies. In 1995, he created the “7 Biggest Mistakes Trustees Often Make” seminar to help trustees plan properly. Since then he has devised additional educational tools to assist advisors and clients in this complicated area of financial planning. Sandeep conducts in-depth, small group or one-on-one training for other advisors and professionals and speaks regularly at various conferences and symposiums helping other advisors to understand how to educate and implement various advanced strategies for their clients. His strategies help clients to work toward their goals. Sandeep is also well known as a dedicated family man. His partner, Nisha, is also his wife and their children, Ashni, Smita, and Sanjeev are often seen accompanying them to the office and are enjoyed by the staff as well as visiting clients. Sandeep puts high value on family, which is often reflected in his work with clients and provides the foundation for his multi-generational planning strategies.


CA. Insurance Lic. #0790710

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